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4 Daily Habits to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

You’ve spent the time and effort to declutter and organize your home. You love the way it looks and the functionality, but eventually the mess always creeps back in. No organizational system can keep the clutter at bay if you do not alter your daily routine.

Here are 4 simple daily habits to implement to keep your home clutter-free:

Don’t let the clutter in. The best way to make sure clutter doesn’t happen is to stop it before it starts! Evaluate things before you bring them into your home – do you need it? Do you love it? Will you use it? Just say no to impulse purchases, good deals on items you don’t need, and free gifts.

Practice one-in-one-out. With each new thing you bring into your home, one other thing must go to make room. I practice this, especially with clothing – each new pair of jeans or new top means one must go to be donated. This keeps my closet organized and also keeps my wardrobe on trend.

Return everything to its home. When your items are scattered around the room, it looks cluttered. Now that everything has a designated spot, whether it be a storage bin, drawer, or tray on a table, remember to return them. And when everything is stored in the same spot, you’ll always know where to look for the remote control, scissors, or your keys.

Designate a few clutter zones. Keep all of your miscellaneous items in a junk drawer with modular organizers or dividers to wrangle pens, batteries, charging cords, etc. When you have more clutter than will fit in your drunk drawer, it’s time to edit.

It may take some time to adjust, but spending the extra few minutes to ponder a purchase or place items back in their designated area will make a world of difference in keeping your home clutter-free.

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